By Donald Bentvelsen, 2019

Born in England in 1990, Cressida studied through her teens at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, and went on to a Classics degree and choral scholarship at Cambridge. Her career began while still a student, and after graduating she sang for three years largely as a soloist in oratorio and youth opera. Christmas 2014 introduced her to the world of professional chamber choirs, when she became a member of the Zürcher Sing-Akademie. Other choirs quickly followed, including Vox Luminis, Cappella Amsterdam, the Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne, Ensemble Corund, the Nederlands Kamerkoor, the Groot Omroepkoor and the Nederlandse Bachvereniging. Meanwhile, she has continued to work both as a soloist – particularly enjoying solo roles within larger choral works – and as a member of smaller ensembles. Recent tours have taken her to New Zealand, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Taiwan and South Korea.